legendas de la Casa Del Fútbol

Legends: The Home Of Football

For football lovers, we tell you about one of the best exhibitions in Madrid, where you can witness an immersive experience full of legendary moments.

Do you want to experience one of the best moments in your life? Fancy reminiscing about old football feats? Are you a soccer lover and would you give anything to be close to your favorite stars? We will now reveal a secret about an amazing exhibition that will take your breath away. Ready to discover it?

Football and sports fans in general know only too well that being close to their legends is always a great opportunity. For this reason, we have sought out one of the best exhibitions that exist in the Spanish capital, related to the world of football. More than a museum, it is an immersive experience that will bring you closer than ever to your favorite legends.

Cult instruments, legendary experiences and cutting-edge technology make this incredible exhibition the great home of football. On a total of seven different levels, the total number of floors that make up the building, you will be able to witness one of the most memorable experiences of your life.Description: LEGENDS: The Home of Football

As you move up the different floors of this immense exhibition, you will be able to participate in historical experiences, thanks to the 360-degree screens that surround the different rooms of Legends: The Home of Football. You´ll see the holograms of the future, which make the tour of the entire exhibition absolutely unique and difficult to match! As for the figures on display, we can say that this little legendary corner is full of unique objects. True treasures for soccer fans.

Millions of stories will remain engraved in the eyes of the fans when they see the windows of this incredible exhibition: shirts that have been used during unique times, along with the players, boots that have scored the most famous goals in football history, trophies that we have seen with emotion from the stands of the different stadiums. All those big and small things that remind us how amazing it is to be a football fan. And all this on display in a single place: the incredible exhibition Legends: The Home of Football.

However, once we know what the exhibition is like and what its aim is, the question that many ask themselves is: what exactly will football fans find when they enter the doors of this amazing exhibition?

The main aim of this incredible football exhibition is very simple: to share the passion for football in a unique environment. This sport is a spectacular hobby for those who play it. But it is a way of life for those who enjoy it from the stands of the different stadiums around the world. For this reason, the jewels of football cannot be hidden; in fact they must be exposed to the eyes of every football and sports lover in general.

Regardless of the team you follow, Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid or FC Barcelona, or the team you cheer for, or whichever players you like, you have to take part in this incredible football experience.

The work behind this exhibition excites those who visit it. Many of them shed tears on remembering the times that have been a part of their childhood. It also brings back great memories for their children. Others smile when they see the boots of those who are no longer here, but who have given so much meaning to the world of football. And many visitors cannot quite believe all the shirts that were worn in historical moments on the soccer fields.

Everything that a fan can love about football is made visible and narrated. The most important names in the history of football are shown, such as those who are now deceased like Pelé or Maradona. It is a joy to see the feats of Zidane and Di Stefano along with many others.

LEGENDS: The Home of Football becomes the dream place for football lovers who come to Madrid to revolutionize art. This incredible exhibition is located in an iconic building near the mythical Puerta del Sol. The exact address is Calle de San Jerónimo, 1.

The ticket price is around 20 euros and it can be purchased on their own website or on websites specialized in leisure events in the Community of Madrid. As for the duration of the exhibition, it usually lasts about an hour. There are different times available and all of them are explained on the website.

When the exhibition is over, if you still want to continue experiencing football first-hand, you can always take the complete tour of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. You will be able to see the trophies that Real Madrid players have won in recent years and step on the mythical pitch where stars like Karim Benzema play. You will have the opportunity to take photos in the press conference room where the Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti sits after games.

Have we taken your breath away? Do not think twice and buy your ticket now to experience one of the best football exhibitions in Madrid. Are you going to let other people tell you about the fun or is it better to experience it for yourself?

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